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The Club opens at 8 am, and each day on arrival you must register. Children will be shown where to put their coats and bags.


Breakfast Time

Breakfast is served between 8 – 9 am, with a choice of from the menu or toast, cereal, fruit, and yoghurt, please ask for our menu for the full range on offer.


Play Time

The friendly and well-supervised club, ensure all new children feel welcomed by others by pairing them up with a buddy for the first day; this helps them to settle in very quickly. Children are placed in a small group of 15 children and this will be same group during their stay at the club.

The children are free to play or participate in a planned variety of activities, which include:

  • Imaginative, physical, and construction play.

  • Small groups to do games Workshops e.g. art/crafts, cooking and sports.


The club also provides outside play all this adds up to a fun filled day.


Lunch Time

Children require a pack lunch each day, and please include any drinks in plastic bottles as this allows the children to take a drink and save some for later..

Due to the number of children with nut allergies we ask that you don’t include nuts or any foods that include/contain nuts in pack lunches.


Tea Time

Teatime is a pleasant social time with children sitting down to enjoy the tea which includes items such as sausage and mash, soup and roll or pasta. In addition to the menu item, children can also choose from cheese and crackers, fresh fruit, and yogurt.

Children receive a drink with their tea, and drinking water is available all day when children want an additional drink.


Home Time

At the end of the day parents collect children from the staff member at the top of the stairs, on arrival please ring the bell and a staff member will come out.

If you need to talk to a staff member please telephone.

A late fine will be incurred after 6.30 pm.

Contact numbers for when children are out on trips: 077 3309 1952