ESOL English Classes

Here at the Balham Community Centre we run free pre entry classes during School term time for speakers of other languages.


Motto : Together we aspire, together we achieve success!!!


Our classes comprise activities/ lessons involving the four skills in English such as reading, writing, speaking and listening. We use activity worksheets with grammar, vocabulary/word building, spelling, phonics, comprehension, dictation, and health and safety at all levels. Computer skills, conversation, looking for work, Britishness and citizenship materials are also incorporated.

Educational games, dialogue scripts, CDs and tape recorders are also used to enhance learners' listening and speaking skills.


Classes are made up of learners of varied cultural and ethnic backgrounds from countries such Italy, Spain, Poland, Algeria, Somalia, Pakistan, Portugal, Thailand, Vietnam, Iraq, Tunisia, Morocco, Turkey, Columbia, Brazil, Peru, Bulgaria, Romania and Lithuania.

There are three levels presently running which are: Beginners Entry Level 1, Elementary Entry Level 2, Pre-intermediate Entry Level 3


Age ranges are from 20 years upwards. Retention rate is excellent as 99% of learners complete their ESOL courses.


Classes are well organized, lesson materials  are adapted and differentiated to suit the needs of all learners of different levels and ages. Through individual,  pair and group learning, more confident learners are given the opportunity to assist less confident learners thus allowing cooperation and mixing with everyone. There is always a bit of fun and laughter to create a friendly and comfortable learning environment.  An in-house certificate is normally given at the end of July.




September 2021 Courses


Registration dates for course: 21st - 23rd September 2021

Classes start week commencing 27th September 2021


Tuesday: pre-entry 10am - 1pm  10 Week Course

 Wednesday: Entry Level 1 + 2     10am - 1pm   10 Week Course

 Thursday: Entry Level 2 + 3   10am - 1pm   10 Week Course


Sorry but there will be no Crèche available for your children

Due to covid restrictions London the classes have now returned to online remote learning. Please make sure you contact the course tutor Asha on her email: 


 If you are interested please contact the Centre

Tel: 020 8673 4350  e-mail: