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Schools Out Clubs Re-opening

To all parents that use our Schools Out Club projects. Following the goverment annoucement all Breakfast Clubs and Schools Out Clubs will re-open on 8th March 2021.

Standing order payments

For all parents on standing order contracts please restart payments in March 2021 by contacting your bank or voucher companies, it is not a direct debit and we have no control your payments.

For all parents who are currently on standing order contracts please can you reset them with your bank account or voucher company. It is not a direct debit so we do not have control over the payments as we trust you to make sure the payment is set up to reach us once per calendar month. If you need our bank details please contact your Schools Out Club manager.


This is our first school based club and opened at Alderbrook Primary School in September 2003. The club has use of a large hall, the community room and a large playground. The Schools Out Club provides care for children that attend Alderbrook Primary School, Holy Ghost Primary School and Balham Nursery. 


The children that attend Holy Ghost Primary School and Balham Nursery are escorted to the club by our staff.


The children are free to play and participate in a planned variety of activities; this includes cooking, imaginative play, arts and crafts, sports, drama, dance and music. A cooked tea from a planned menu is carefully provided taking into consideration special dietary needs.

Opening Times

3.15pm - 6.30pm


Manager - Dahlia Plummer

Tel: 0797 609 4062